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Autumn Term


Starting a new school year is exciting with lots of learning to be done and fun to be had.


Our first term and half term we will be looking at………


  • Our environment, what we can do to protect it, recycling, the effects of pollution.
  • Local buildings and places of worship.
  • We shall also be covering Diwali, Guy Fawkes, Halloween, Remembrance Day and Christmas.


During the topic 'Our Environment' we will be starting off by looking at  how to look after ourselves.  We will then move on to look at the village around us and will be taking small groups of the older children to the park etc to do litter picks.  We have borrowed the equipment from Councillor Steve Allen.  We will then going on to look at farms and how we can help the farmers, looking at bees and litter again and fitting this in with harvest time.  We have arranged for a tractor to come in for the children.



On the 2nd October farmer Mike came in to visit the children on his big red tractor.  He talked about all the things he grows on the farm and bought lots of things to show us. We then went outside and were lucky enough to see and get to sit in his tractor.  Thank you Mike!


More details about next half term's topics coming soon.




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