What age can my child start?

We currently take children from the age of 20 months. 

Our rates

Government Funding is available from the term after the child's 3rd birthday for 15 hours per week. We also accept 2 year old funding for those who qualify. 


For those who qualify for the addiotnal 15 hours funding available please complete the relevant form on the direct.gov website and pass your varification code to us.


We accept all childcare vouchers, please speak to Debbie to set up childcare vouchers to cover your child's fees.  We also accept the tax free child care scheme.


2 year olds - £4.80 per hour

3 year olds - £4.45 per hour 


Refreshment Fee:

75p per day that your child attends


Payments can be made by Bacs, cash or cheque. 

Please note there is a late payment charge of £35 then £1.00 per day until fees have been paid.



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Newborough Pre-School Playgroup 


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Contact: 07423519890


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